On campus before school, at lunch & after school
on March 27, 28 and 29.

And out of town family & friends can shop
online March 18-31 at the


Click here to sign for 1 hour slot to help.


It's almost time for Fit Fest, our biggest annual fundraiser!

Friday February 23
Kettering Playground

We have a fundraising goal of $30,000.  Let's get this
done and help keep our school awesome.

Sign up for Pledgestar and start raising funds
work your towards prizes today:


Visit the Fit Fest page for info on:

• The day of Fit Fest plan
• Sponsorship opportunities
• Fundraising 101
• Fundraising prizes
• Old school sponsor forms
• and more

New School Map

After the Christmas break, the Kids will be returning
to new classrooms in the bungalows.

The map was not printed on the flyer that went
home last week.  Click the pic below for a copy.


For the latest info:

What else is Up?

Dine Out with Kettering - March 1
Used Book Sale - March 9
Book Fair - March 27-29
Open House - March 28

The 2017 5th Grade Walk of Awesomeness

Hopefully, this can be the start of a new Kettering tradition.

Students from the 4th grade down lined the halls
to offer congratulations to outgoing 5th graders!

Go Kids!

Ralphs Community Program

Ralphs has a simple plan that can help you
and others support Kettering PTA.

The Ralphs Community Contribution Program
allows you to link your Ralphs card
to Kettering PTA so that each time you shop,
a portion of your spending is donated.

Click here for sign-up info.

What Else Is In Store?

Don't forget to register for ParentVue to
keep track of your Kids' grades
update emergency contact info and more.
Registration info is available at the school office.

to see what's in store.

Kettering Wisdom

Kettering is awesome and don't let
anyone tell you otherwise.

School Spirit Days

The Kids have many chances throughout the year
to wear something a little different.

School Spirit Days have a variety of themes to let your Kids show
some individuality and creativity.

Stay tuned for more Spirit Days throughout the spring.

Our next PTA Meeting:

March 16, 2018  8:10am
Parent Center, Room 102


Need general Kettering PTA info?


A summary of the impact the Measure E
plan is now available for your review:

PTA Calendar

Who Was
Charles F. Kettering?

He is our school's namesake but
who was Charles F. Kettering and what did he do?

Did You Know...

... Kettering PTA  provides for numerous fun and engaging events and activities for your Kids that would not be possible
without the work and contributions
of PTA members, parents,
families and sponsors?

Every dollar counts and we aim to show
you where those dollars come
from and where they go.

Long Beach PTA Awards

Winner of 6 Long Beach Council PTA
awards including:

Bronze Honor Unit Award 
Gold Program Directory Award
Silver Website Award
Bronze E-Bulletin Award
100% Teacher Membership Award
District 100% Teacher Membership Award

Winner of 8 Long Beach Council PTA awards including overall Gold Medal.