What's To Know?

First Day of School and
Kinder Welcome
Wednesday August 31

Thursday and every Thursday
all school year is a Minimum Day.
Grades 1-5 gets out at 1:00 every Thursday

This Is A Public Parking Announcement!

Please be extremely careful when
driving around the campus.

The people are small.

Be courteous of the school's neighbors.
Please do not block driveways or double park.

Also, watch where you park.  Nobody likes tickets
and the people that write them have been known
to really hit the jackpot the
first week of school.  You have been warned.

What Else Is In Store?

Don't forget to register for ParentVue to
keep track of your Kids' grades
update emergency contact info and more.
Registration info is available at the school office.

to see what's in store.

Congratulations Future Middle Schoolers

The Class of 2016

A Great Year for Kettering and Your PTA

What happened in 2015-16?

Our Kettering PTA won 8 awards 
from Long Beach Council PTA for 2015-16!

3 for Membership! Go Erin & Tracy!

1) Teachers Matter, Members Matter
 (100% teacher participation)

2) President’s Club
(minimum membership increase of 5% in consecutive years)

3) Club 100
(membership equal to or greater than school enrollment)

4 & 5) We won GOLD & Early Bird for our Program Directory

6) We won SILVER for our Website. Go Robert!

7) We won BRONZE for our Electronic Bulletins. Go JoAnn!

8) And finally we won the GOLD for our Unit. GO TEAM!

We couldn’t have won this award
without the tireless work of our Treasurer, Tom Renger. 
Thank you Tom for making us look so good! 

Thank you to all the new parents who
jumped in, sometimes head first.

What an amazing team we have!

And special thanks to our fearless leader,
PTA President Michelle Mueller-Dombois.

Let's aim even higher!

Carnival Goes Off With A Bang!

We hope you made it out
for Carnival and Silent Auction.

If not, don't miss it next year.


Check out more pics here,
here and here.

Thanks to Tracy Smith, Michelle Minkoff,
Rebekah Trinh and all who
volunteered to make it a great event.

And were The Corgis great or what?

Kettering Wisdom

Kettering is awesome and don't let
anyone tell you otherwise.

Fit Fest Highlights

Couldn't make it out for Fit Fest?

Check out this highlight video
courtesy of Mike Rust.

School Spirit Days

The Kids have many chances throughout the year
to wear something a little different.

School Spirit Days have a variety of themes to let your Kids show
some individuality and creativity.

Stay tuned for more Spirit Days throughout the spring.

"Super Easy" Fundraising

How it works:

1) Sign up for any of the affiliated programs
2) Select Kettering as your school
3) Shop the affiliated stores and websites

Stores include Target, Amazon, and many more!

Money spent by you = money earned by our school.


For details on how to sign up, visit the

Facebook Update

The Kettering  PTA Facebook presence has
migrated to a new page.


Please visit and "like" to catch the latest updates.

Our next PTA Meeting:

September 16, 2016
in the Parent Center


Need general Kettering PTA info?


PTA Calendar

Who Was
Charles F. Kettering?

He is our school's namesake but
who was Charles F. Kettering and what did he do?

Did You Know...

... Kettering PTA  provides for numerous fun and engaging events and activities for your Kids that would not be possible
without the work and contributions
of PTA members, parents,
families and sponsors?

Every dollar counts and we aim to show
you where those dollars come
from and where they go.