Fit Fest 2018

It's almost time for Fit Fest, our biggest annual fundraiser!

Friday February 23
Kettering Playground

We have a fundraising goal of $30,000.  Let's get this
done and help keep our school awesome.


And Fit Fest donations ARE STILL tax-deductible for 2018.

For more Fit Fest info, email the FF2018 Committee

Fit Fest Fundraising 101

Pledgestar, Pledgestar, Pledgestar!

If you don't already have an account...

Sign up for Pledgestar

Pledgestar will send emails to loved ones and friends
from Long Beach to La Habra to Louisville.
Once they receive your request, they
can donate quickly and easily online.

Prefer to go old school?
or pick up a copy from the office.

Fit Fest Student Fundraising Prizes

There will be a wide array of prizes for Fit Fest fundraising.

• Sent Pledgestar email prizes
10 emails: CPK or Tutti Frutti certificate
15 emails:  You choose a prize!
Pokémon cards, Lego Blind-bag, Beanie-Boo key chain and MORE!
25 emails:  $10 Toys R Us gift card

• Fundraiser prizes for all students
$25 + Free Dress Day & Homework Pass
$50 + (above +) Restaurant certificate & Prize
$125 + (above +) “Movie Day” in the Auditorium
$200 + (above +) “Blast w/Mr. G!”  Games & More”
$275 + (above +) “Game Truck & Pizza Party”

• Classroom prizes
CPK Pizza Party + Teacher $25 goodie basket

• Top 3 fundraiser prizes
3rd $50
2nd $100
1st $200

Fit Fest Needs You!

Our Busy Bee Bridget is working on getting
things ready and she will need all kinds of help

 Sponsorships from local businesses
 Pledge Star fundraising on behalf of our Kids
 Station activities
 Volunteers for preparation
 Volunteers for day-of activities

Can you help?  Have a great idea?

Planning for the Big Event

How can you help?

Please Read

Register on PledgeStar & send out emails for donations.

Donate!  (We try not to hound you for $$ too much.  But like

Day of Event Volunteers (We need 40!!)
    - Set up - starting at 7am
    - Water Stations
    - Classroom Escorts 
    - Clean-up

Kettering Athletic Professionals or Enthusiasts! 

Do you coach a sport, teach martial arts, or work in
the fitness industry?  Would you like to run a station
at the Kettering Fit Fest 2018?  

Deadline for station submissions is February 5.

Thank you, Kettering Families, for you support!

Highlights of Fit Fest 2016
courtesy of Mike Rust.

FF 2018 Quick Info

Friday Feb. 23 8:30-10:00am
Kettering Playground

* 27 sports & fitness stations

* Every student visits 5 stations in 60 minutes!

* An event that brings all of Kettering together in the spirit of health, fitness & unity!

Business Sponsor Contact:

What is Fit Fest Looking For?

- Business sponsors
- Olympians, yes, actual Olympians!
- Athletic coaches and trainers
- Volunteers to help run the events