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PTA Reflections Art Program

Thanks to all the participants and volunteers who took part in the 2014 program.

The Reflections Art Program Reception was a huge success! 


Kettering's very own Rusty Totman
has advanced through 
Council and District judging to make it all the way to the
California PTA Reflections show.

Is he crying or just really happy?

Congratulations, Rusty!

Thank you to the wonderful Reflections Committee:

Alison Gonzales

Brandis Rodriguez

Kari Prine. 


Thank you to all the parents who volunteered time in the classroom or in the parent center including:

Allison Moore

Daisy Benitez

Michelle Soto


Special Thanks to:

Brian Cole (parent and Starbucks manager) for donating coffee 

Pam Bee, Operations Manager at CSULB Design Dept

for inviting Kettering back to use the Duncan Anderson gallery space. 


There were 124 entries including 100% participation from Ms. Paquette's class. 

2014 Reflections Award Winners 

Congratulations to all participants and especially those selected by a group of very talented community members for awards:


Visual Arts

Primary K - 2

First Place - Mia Williams, Grade 1 / Mrs. Watten

Honorable Mention - Zeyn Kahwaji, Grade 1 / Mrs. Watten

Honorable Mention - Sydney Pack, Grade 2 / Ms Spencer


Intermediate 3 - 5

First Place - Laith Moustafa, Grade 5 / Mrs. Fedak

Honorable Mention - Genisis Washington, Grade 5 / Ms. Luzod

Honorable Mention - Zoran Siddiqui




Primary K - 2 

First Place - Isabella Soto, Grade 1 / Mrs. Watten

Honorable Mention - Dylan Dellaquila, Grade 2 / Mr. Wille


Intermediate 3-5

First Place - Molly Roth, Grade 4 / Mrs. Fedak

Honorable Mention - Diego Gonzalez, Grade 3 / Mrs. Burner



Primary K - 2 

First Place - Avery Peck, Grade 1 / Ms. Cordeiro


Intermediate 3-5

First Place - Dream Spively, Grade 4 / Mrs. Fedak


Film Production

Intermediate 3-5

First Place - Max Breitenbucher-Duff, Grade 4 / Mrs. Fedak


Special Artists

First Place - Rusty Totman, Grade 5, Mrs. Paquette

Honorable Mention - Julie Gutierrez, Grade 5 / Mrs. Paquette

Honorable Mention - Gisselle Beltran, Grae 5 / Mrs. Paquette

And it's never too early to start thinking about 2015!

2015 Art Show Theme is


The CSULB Duncan Anderson Art Gallery is located at the CSULB Department of Design on East State University Drive near the corner of Anaheim Road and Palo Verde Ave.  Click here for a map.

The PTA Reflections Art Program is a great opportunity for your child to get creative at home and see their artwork hanging in a real art gallery in a formal art show.

For further information, please contact