Trunk-to-Trunk & Blood Drive


Friday, October 25, 2013

Join us for safe trick-or-treating and family fun on the Kettering campus including: Trunk decorating, costume and carved pumpkin contest, Blood drive, Food, Music, and... the world famous Haunted DOGS House.

The success of Trunk-to-Trunk is partly due to the generous donations of volunteer time, BBQ items, candy and other treat give-aways.
  • If you would like to donate food items, candy, or other giveaway treats that will be distributed at each trunk, please take those items to the Parent Center or front office. There are large plastic tubs where these items will be stored until the event. Perishables may be dropped off Friday afternoon.
  • If you would like to donate blood, please contact Mrs. Fillipow to reserve your appointment time to donate a pint of blood! See the blood donor guidelines below.
  • To volunteer with set-up, clean-up, a decorated trunk, and/or the Haunted House, please contact the Top D.O.G at

2013 Trunk to Trunk Donations


Event Schedule

2:30    Blood Drive Begins

5:30    Watch D.O.G.S BBQ

6:30     Trunk-to-Trunk begins

Treats, donated by Kettering families, will be available at each trunk from 6:30 while supplies last.

6:30-7:00 - Behind the Scenes Haunted DOGS House Opens

"Behind the Scenes" is an opportunity for younger Kids and siblings to walk through the Haunted House before the spirits awaken. (The lights are on and masks are off during this 30 minute period. Little ones only please -- upper grade Kids will be turned away until 7:15).

7:15-8:00 - Haunted DOGS House Opens

WARNING: If you have heart conditions, high blood pressure, back problems, other health problems that may make you vulnerable to injury and/or general aversions to dads and husbands dressed as zombies and monsters, you should not enter the Haunted House.

7:30 - BBQ  Sales End

8:00 - Trunk-to-Trunk Ends

8:00-8:30 - Dance Party


2:30  to 8:15 p.m. 

Please contact Mrs. Fillipow at Mrs. Fillipow to reserve your appointment time to donate a pint of blood. 

Last year Kettering friends and family members donated a total of 35 pints of blood! 


Blood Donor Guidelines

To qualify, donors must meet all the following standards:

~ Be at least 17 years old (no upper limit) and healthy;

~ Feel well on day of donation;

~ Weigh at least 110 pounds;

No dental surgery within 72 hours prior to donation;

Not currently taking antibiotics for an infection; Acne treatment ok      

Not taking the medications Accutane, Proscar or Propecia in past 30 days; 

No travel to a malaria area in the past 12 months;

No tattoos, permanent make-up or needle sticks in the past 12 months; 

Ear and body piercing OK if done with sterile, single-use needles; 12-month deferral if other methods used; 

~ Cancer-free during the last five years. OK if treated for localized skin cancer;

~ Never used intravenous drugs;

~ No history of hepatitis after the age of 11. No close contact in the past 12 months with someone who has hepatitis;

~ No history of HIV (AIDS);

~ Cannot donate if you have:

    •  Spent a combined total of 3 months or more in the United Kingdom from 1980 – 1996

    •  Spent a combined total of 5 years or more in Europe from 1980 - the present (including time spent in the UK from 1980-1996)

    •  Resided on a US military base in Europe for 6 months or more from 1980-1996

Prior to your donation, be sure to have something to eat and extra water to drink!

Please call Cheryl Berlow at (310) 945-6137 if you have any questions about your eligibility to donate or if you are interested in hosting your own blood drive.

Kettering PTA,
Oct 15, 2013, 9:21 PM
Kettering PTA,
Oct 15, 2013, 9:21 PM