Fundraising?  Isn’t this a public school?

Yes.  Kettering Elementary is a public school.  And it is an outstanding school with a dedicated staff.  However, many of the programs and activities offered are largely made possible by recurring and ongoing fundraising activities and events run by the Kettering PTA.

Students, parents, staff and local businesses all work together to help fund programs and activities that are both fun and educational that would otherwise not be available:

  • Educational enrichment programs 
  • Computer lab 
  • Arts and music enrichment 
  • Physical fitness activities and training 
  • Field trips 
  • Family events 
  • Major on campus festivals
"Elvis" at Carnival 2015

From large, fun events like Trunk-to-Trunk, Fit Fest and Carnival to more educational events like Book Fairs or field trips to more low-key gatherings at Library Night, Reflections or Movie Nights, fundraising activities along with the hard work of our members help make these programs and events a wonderful addition to the all-around experience at Kettering. 

With the wide variety of events come many ways in which Kettering family members can contribute:
  • Sign up for a membership: mom & dad, grandma, Uncle Lou, anyone 
  • Offer your expertise, time and sweat to assist with funding activities 
  • Make connections in the community to access additional funding 
  • Directly contribute funds, needed items or professional services

Please explore the website, visit and 'Like" us on Facebook, drop by the Parent Center, talk to your room parent or just email us to find out how you can help.  Every dollar really does count.

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