Who was Charles F. Kettering?

Charles F. Kettering

Have you ever wondered about the person whose name is on the front of the school?  Well...

Read up on Charles F. Kettering on the Wikipedia page.

But here's a few goodies:

Born in 1876, Charles F Kettering was an engineer, businessman and inventor.  One of his greatest inventions was the electric starter for automobile engines.


Before his invention of the electric engine starter, people like this woman had to stand in front of the car and turn a crank by hand to start the car.

After Mr Kettering's invention, all you had to do was turn a key.

Like the air-conditioning in your car on a hot day?

Thank Mr Kettering.

It was said that if you wanted a Ford Model T you could have it in any color you want, as long as it was black.

But then Charles Kettering came along and found a way to make colored paint that could be easily sprayed onto cars and dried quickly.

You were the coolest kid on the block if dad had the red one.