School FAQs

We hope the information provided below is useful for Kettering parents.  If you have a question or information you would like included, please email

550 Silvera Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 598-9486


Please refer to the school website for current bell schedule details:

Kettering Schoolloop site

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With very few exceptions, the only necessary absence from school is due to illness.  The state apportions money to the school district for each child's daily attendance and those days of absence due to illness, provided the illness is verified by the parent.  Please send a note or call the school on the missed school day if your child is absent.  Children returning after recovering from a contagious disease will need to be readmitted through the office.
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If you need to take your child out of school during the school day, please come to the office and we will send for your child. Teachers are not permitted to release children from the classroom without office approval.  This LBUSD policy has been adopted for your child's safety and to protect him/her from being taken from school by anyone not on the emergency cards.  If you need to send someone who is not on the enrollment/emergency card to pick up your child during the day, please send a note or call the school office.
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Breakfast starts at school at 7:40 a.m.  Breakfast price is $1.25.  Any student may participate in the breakfast program.
During the lunch period children may do one of the following:

1. Go home for lunch, if they bring a note giving parent permission.
2. Eat in the cafeteria. (Tray lunches are $1.75, milk is $.50 and juice is $.25)
3. Bring a sack lunch to eat on the lunch benches (1/2 pint of milk may be purchased for $.50, juice $.25).

Every student has a cafeteria account number. Students can bring in money that will be "deposited" into their account by the cafeteria staff. Staff will let students know when their account is low.  Lunch is free to pupils who meet the federal regulations.  Ask for a lunch application from the office if you think your child is eligible for free or reduced lunch.

NOTE: Even if your child received a free or reduced lunch during the last school year, it is necessary to submit a new application each year to verify eligibility.

Click here to view the LBUSD elementary school menu.

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The dress of students at Kettering reflects an attitude of self respect and a commitment to the hard work of learning.

  • Navy blue pants, shorts or skirts are to be worn.
  • White shirts or blouses with a collar must be worn.  White and red polo shirts and Kettering event (e.g. Jog-a-thon, Carnival) T-shirts may be worn.  Tops must be tucked in.  Please see the guidelines in the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Shoes must be closed toe.  All other district Dress Code regulations are in effect for all students.
  • Solid color hats, caps and visors are allowed.  Kettering logo (only) on hats allowed.
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The playground is supervised starting at 7:30 a.m.  You are requested to help your child plan his/her departure each morning so that he/she will not arrive before 7:30 a.m. Because of safety reasons, children will not be allowed on the playground until 7:30 a.m. The playground is supervised every afternoon from 2 until 3:15 p.m. Please be reminded that we do not provide supervision after school for kindergarten students.
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Back to School night is held the first month of school.  Your child's teacher will go over the classroom curriculum and expectations for the school year.  Open House is held in the spring. This is an opportunity for your child to show you the projects he/she has done throughout the year.
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Your child's teacher should discuss classroom parental volunteer opportunities at Back to School Night.  You can also inquire about other volunteer opportunities in the school office.  All volunteers must be TB tested and fill out an official VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) form.  These are available in the school office or on the LBUSD VIPS page.
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Our Kettering PTA raises funds to provide support at Kettering for our Technology Lab, Library, Meet The Masters, Red Ribbon Week, Authors Festival, Science Fair, Classroom Enrichment and much more.  We play an important role in maintaining our Classical School program which includes high standards for all students with three enrichment strands: the Arts (Visual and Performing), Physical Education and Science.  PTA membership is one of our primary ways of supporting these programs.  You can join online or download a membership form and bring your check to the school office.  Click here for more information about PTA meetings and membership.
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Pupils are to leave all toys, games, play equipment, etc. at home.  Bringing knives or any instrument capable of causing bodily harm is contrary to district and state regulations and can result in suspension, transfer or expulsion.
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Please label clearly all lunch pails, backpacks, sweaters, jackets, purses, wallets, etc. with your child's name.  Many articles of clothing yearly remain unclaimed from our lost and found.  The lost and found rack is located in the school cafeteria.
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Please consult the safe route map and encourage your child to follow those directions and urge him/her to cross only at intersections.  There is NO CROSSING GUARD.  Parents must exercise great care when picking up children at school by automobile.  Remember that double parking is illegal and unsafe.  Please do not jeopardize children's lives by asking them to step between parked cars or to cross streets other than at corners.  Do not park in our neighbors driveways.  We have many complaints from our neighbors about blocking driveways and speeding on Silvera.

There are designated 20 minute, 2 hour, and no parking zones around Kettering.  Be sure to check the street signs.  There is also a street sweeping closure opposite the school on Silvera from noon to 4pm on Fridays.  Parking enforcement is at a maximum during the opening weeks of school.  Tires are first marked with white chalk, then either 2 hours or 20 minutes later (depending on area) tickets are given if the car has not moved.  Parents have seen marking and ticketing happen up to 4 separate times each day, with the first marking normally occurring shortly after 9:00 a.m.
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Students may use school telephones only for emergencies.  Please make arrangements with your child each morning for after school activities, transportation, etc.  Cell phones must be turned off during the school day.
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If it is raining, pupils will be permitted to enter their classrooms at 7:40 a.m.  At lunch time for students who normally eat outside, supervision will be provided in the classroom on rainy days.  Children eating in the cafeteria will go to their rooms after eating.  Quiet activities will be provided.
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Report cards are issued in grades 1 - 5 three times during the year on a staggered schedule and information concerning progress reports and parent conferences is sent home prior to issuance of these reports.
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Parent teacher conferences for all grades except Kindergarten will be scheduled for November and March.  If additional conferences are desired, please call or send a note to the teacher so she can arrange the conference.  Additional conferences must be scheduled for after-school hours.

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Kettering Elementary School has a Disaster Preparedness plan in place.  This plan is in line with the Long Beach Unified School District plan. The plan is reviewed with the Kettering staff on an ongoing basis.

The emergency radio is checked monthly.  We all are hopeful that it will not be necessary to put this plan in affect.  However, if an emergency should occur, the schools in the Long Beach Unified School District are some of the safest places to be.
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We know that you will work with us in building pride in our school community by encouraging your child to show respect for school property.  Vandalism hurts all of us.  Dollars spent to repair damage caused by vandalism mean less dollars available for instruction.

If you live near the school, we would appreciate your help in reporting any vandalism to the school.  The LBUSD 24-hour security number is: (562) 437-0651.

Parents are held financially responsible by law for the acts of their children which result in damage to school property including equipment, books, materials, desks and the building.

Please remind your child of the importance of showing respect for our school environment by making sure that litter is placed in our trash receptacles.
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Please send a note to the teacher giving the exact date when the pupil will leave and the new address and school--if you know it.  A transfer slip will then be given to your child to present to the new school.  If the teacher knows ahead of time, the office can have the transfer ready when the child leaves.
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Please be advised that we are forbidden by law to assist students with taking any medication unless we receive written information from the doctor and the parent.  Medication forms are available in the school office.
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