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Officers & Committee Chairs

Kettering PTA needs YOUR help!

PLEASE know that your participation is big part of what makes your PTA (you!) able to offer some of the great add-on events and programs
that we have for our Kids.

The greater the parental involvement, the greater the chance we have to continue bring a wide variety fun and educational programs
that can supplement the hard work put in by Kettering teachers and staff.  For information about how to become involved in running 
your PTA:

2016-17 Kettering PTA Officers

 Position  Parent
 Michelle Mueller-Dombois
 VP Programs
 Alison Gonzalez
 VP Ways & Means
 JoAnn Catalanotti
 Treasurer  Tom Renger
 Recording Secretary
 Jennifer Ryan
 Financial Secretary
 Erin Haripotepornkul
 Auditor  Monica Herrera
 Historian  Kimberly Gonzalez
 Parliamentarian  Jennifer Ryan

2016-17 Kettering PTA Committee Chairs

 Position  Parent
 Author's Festival Cassy Soule
 Book Fair
 Grace Olson-Bonila
 Campus Beautification
 Alison Gonzalez
 Tracy Smith
 Carnival Silent Auction  Veronica Gonzalez
 Communications          Robert Bruce
 Family Events
 Ingrid Lowery
 Father-Daughter Dance  Ken Henry
 Fit Fest  Bridget Rust
 Hospitality  Ingrid Lowery
 Kinder Welcome
 Tracy Smith
 Kite Day Andrea & Brian VanderWal
 Library Nights  Alison Gonzalez
 Membership  Tracy Peck
 Movie Night Alison Gonzalez
 Parent Center
 Melissa Aguirre
 Anna San Paolo
 Room Parents
Marisa Olguin
 Spirit Wear  Tracy Smith
 Talent Show
 Kimberly Gonzalez
 Teacher Appreciation
 Trunk-t0-Trunk & Blood Drive  Jon Peck, Erin Haripotepornkul, Mrs. Fillipow
 Used Book Sale
 Michelle Minkoff
 Used Uniform Sale Kimberly Gonzalez
 Watch DOGS
 Jon Peck
 5th Grade Activities
 Alison Gonzalez, Michelle Mueller-Dombois