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Room Parents

     Room Parents!  

Welcome, Kettering families, to the 2015-2016 school year!  We hope it will be the best yet!  Thank you to ALL the parents who have stepped forward to volunteer their time as Room Parents.

For complete list of all the Room Parents and their emails, please go the the Classrooms page.

     What Is A Room Parent?

A RP is the person(s) who help facilitate communication to the class parents regarding PTA and classroom-specific events/activities.  They also coordinate when parent volunteers are needed to help for special projects in the classroom or for a PTA event.  This communication and coordination is done primarily through email.  At the beginning of the year, the RP creates a classroom group email list for this purpose.  It is simple, easy and done on your own time.

The PTA events that happen throughout the year that RPs typically help coordinate volunteers for include Trunk-to-Trunk, Fit Fest, the Carnival and Teacher Appreciation Week. 

*Special Note:  5th Grade has some additional activities to plan to help the class prepare for graduation events

Room Parents also have LOTS of creative freedom to make the position what they want above and beyond the basics in terms of teacher-support/teacher appreciation types of things like collecting donations for a class holiday gift, etc.  Each RP is provided with a “Favorites” info sheet for their teacher to help guide gifts, etc.

It is helpful if RP’s can attend PTA meetings, but it is not a requirement of the position.

Teachers also have varying degrees in which they utilize RPs to help reinforce different classroom events or parent-volunteer needs.  Some teachers are very independent and others may ask for more help with communication & coordination. 

Having been a RP myself, I can vouch for the fact that this is a very manageable position that doesn’t require a lot of time, is primarily handled via email communication and can be done well with just one or several parents volunteering in this position. 

Each class/teacher needs this position filled.  If you are willing to be a Room Parent or want additional information, please email me ASAP at  There will be a “getting started” meeting once all the RP’s are in place.  I look forward to working with all of the RP volunteers!


Thank you!

Ruth Lozano

Room Parent Coordinator