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Events coordinated by Kettering PTA are divided into three main categories - free events, Family Events and fundraisers.

Free Events

Free events are just that.  Free!  These events are an excuse to get together with others in the Kettering community and get the Kids off their electronics.  Sometimes these events are educational and others are just fun days.  While there is some cost to the PTA, the free events do not require any spending by anyone attending the events.  There might be food trucks or small items for sale but free event attendees are not compelled to spend a penny.  There are also be a donation events where families are asked for lightly used items that will go to a charity.  Most of these events take place on campus.  Examples include Turkey Trot, Kite Day, Movie Nights and Library Nights.

Family Events

Family Events can also be free events.  However, Family Events include usually purchases of food or other items where a portion of the proceeds are returned to Kettering PTA.  The funds do help support our programs, including the free events.  But the Family Events are more of a communal occasion and usually revolve around things we all do anyway, like go out to eat or entertainment.



Kettering PTA tries to stick to one major fundraiser - Fit Fest.  This is our annual sports-themed festival that celebrates outside and sporting activities and encourages the Kids to engage in physical pursuits.  Funds are raised by having friends and relatives "sponsor" participants as they weave their way through multiple sports stations on the day of Fit Fest.  We also have the Silent Auction during the May Carnival! as a secondary fundraiser and a handful of other smaller fundraisers.

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