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Guide To Play Over/Under Corner Bet

What is the Over/Under Corner Bet? This is a form of online football betting where the bettor focuses not on the match score but on the total number of corner kicks during the game. So, what value does this type of bet bring to investors? Let's explore the fascinating details in the following premium football tips

The Basics of the Over/Under Corner Bet

The Over/Under corner bet is a type of football betting where the investor wagers on the total number of corner kicks executed in a match. In this bet, the options are "Over" (the total number of corners is greater than the given handicap) or "Under" (the total number of corners is less than the given handicap).

Example: The bookmaker offers an Over/Under corner bet with a handicap of 9.5. If the bettor chooses Over, the total number of corners in the match must be greater than 9.5 for the bettor to win. If the total number of corners is 10 or more, the bettor wins. If the total number of corners is 9 or less, the bettor loses. If the total number of corners is exactly 9.5, the result is a draw, and the bettor gets their money back.

However, to effectively play the Over/Under corner bet, bettors need to thoroughly research the teams, players, playing styles, and other factors that can influence the total number of corners in the match, such as the nature of the tournament, referees, and playing conditions.

Forms of Corner Bets

Similar to other types of football bets, corner betting offers various methods to satisfy players' passion. Here are some common forms of corner bets:

Full Match Over/Under Corner Bet:

This bet considers the result of the entire match. Like the Over/Under in football, but here it’s about corner kicks. The bookmaker will offer Over or Under options and the odds, and you simply choose according to your preference.

For this bet, Under means the total number of corners will be less than the bookmaker's given rate. Conversely, Over means the total number of corners will be higher than the bookmaker's rate.

To diversify betting methods, players can also bet on the first or second half, though this type of bet is less popular.

Full Match Handicap Corners:

Each bookmaker offers different odds for each match. Bettors need to pay attention to whether the team is giving or receiving corner kick handicaps. The number of corner kicks executed will determine the winning or losing odds.

1x2 Corners:

This simple betting method is similar to European odds. You have three options: win, lose, or draw. Based on this, you can choose the appropriate betting odds.

Odd/Even Corners:

A trusted bookmaker will introduce you to this very simple betting method. Bettors only need to guess whether the total number of corner kicks will be odd or even, and then place their bets accordingly.

First Corner:

This bet requires players to predict which team will take the first corner kick. If you choose correctly, you win.

Last Corner:

The opposite of the first corner bet, this bet requires players to predict which team will take the last corner kick. If you choose correctly, you win.

Next Corner:

Also known as the "Next Corner" bet, this bet requires you to predict which team will be awarded the next corner kick. If you choose correctly, you win.

No Corner:

To add diversity and excitement, bookmakers might offer a bet on no corners being taken in the match. This is a popular and thrilling option for many players, though very few matches have no corners at all. Therefore, it is advised not to risk too much on this bet. New players should avoid putting all their money on this option due to the high risk involved. Research thoroughly before placing your bet.

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Guide to Playing Over/Under Corner Betting

Investors have already understood the Over/Under Corner Betting in detail above. To play this bet type, investors can follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the website and log into your account. Step 2: Select the sports section and find the match you want to place an Over/Under Corner bet on. Step 3: Choose the "Over/Under Corners" bet type and make your decision by selecting either Over or Under. Step 4: Enter your bet amount and confirm your bet.

After successfully placing the bet, you can follow the match and the result of the Over/Under Corner bet. If you win, the winnings will be credited to your account, and you can withdraw the money or continue to use it to bet on other matches.

Note: To effectively play Over/Under Corner betting, investors need to thoroughly research the teams, players, playing styles, and other factors that may affect the total number of corners in the match. Additionally, investors should bet an amount appropriate to their financial capability to avoid unnecessary losses.

What are the tips for playing corner betting?

Here are some tips to easily win big in corner betting:

Analyze the characteristics of each team accurately: You need to provide analysis and understand the strength of each team in detail. The information to pay attention to includes playing style, tactics, form, and the quality of the offense and defense. This detailed analysis will help you make accurate predictions about the course of the match. Stronger teams will often get more corner kicks.

Study and analyze the nature of the match and the tournament: We need to analyze the following points:

Teams needing to score to achieve a milestone will frequently organize attacks. Their corner kick rate will be higher at this time.

Teams with a fast, strong playing style will often receive more corner kicks.

European football tends to have a stronger attacking inclination compared to Asian football. Therefore, the corner bet may vary accordingly.

Choose the right time to place a bet: Placing bets in the first few minutes of the match is often most effective. At this time, the players' stamina is still good, and their form is stable. The attacks will also be organized more frequently.

The first corner kick usually belongs to the stronger team. The last corner kick is often for the teams needing a goal, especially in the final minutes of the match.

In a match with few goals in the first half, the second half is usually more dynamic. The number of corner kicks in the second half tends to increase.

To accurately predict corner betting, you need to have a thorough understanding of football. Typically, players will base their predictions on the running odds of each match. Depending on the characteristics of each tournament, the nature of each team, the score, and the opportunities, the possibility of a high number of corner kicks is essential.

The number of corner kicks and their frequency are given by bookmakers as odds for either over or under. Sometimes it can be over 10 times or under 12 times (over 10x and under 12x).


In the above article, investors have understood in detail what Over/Under Corner Betting is. Particularly with the implementation steps from the bookmaker system, which brings efficiency and professionalism. Join the bookmaker to experience soccer tips sites the excitement and receive great rewards.


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