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The Kettering MakerSpace is a place where your Kids can show their creative side.  We hope to reopen MakerSpace later on in the school year.  The success of this space is entirely due to parental support and involvement.  


Kettering MakerSpace was a hit!  Thank you to the parents who have donated materials, time and support thus far.


The students are going through a lot of the recycled goods to make unique creations that inspire them.

New features include our LEGO wall, marble runs and we will be scheduling robotic and science sessions in the upcoming months (space is limited).

The room is available every Tuesday and Friday from 11:45am to 2:45pm.  Students must have a waiver on file to enter MakerSpace.  In this space, our kids will have a chance to create projects from their imagination that inspire them and use materials to tinker.  We have a 3D printer, robots and lots of crafts so come check it out!



Parent volunteers needed.  We need two volunteers per shift.  Please consider taking some time to offer some guidance at one or more of the sessions during the school year.  Sign up below:

MakerSpace Volunteer List

If you can volunteer your time, your child and one friend can be guaranteed a spot during that day.


Supplies are stocked but the MakerSpace can always use more.  Please bring them by Room 26.

NEEDED SUPPLIES (as of March 15):

  • Styrofoam balls

  • Googly eyes

  • Cardboard tubes

  • Crafting beads/gems

  • Fabrics

  • Old CDs/DVDs

  • Legos and marbles.  

If you have any specific designs you want to integrate, please email

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