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  •   Not just parents but grandparents, aunts, uncles and more. 

  •   You can sign up at any time. 

  •   Your membership gives you a voice in what programs are used and how they are run. 

  •   You also become eligible to take on board or committee positions which allow hands on input for individual programs and activities.

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PTA dues are $10 for the school year.  How to join:

  • A membership form will be available at the front office.  Return it to the school office with a check enclosed via mail or drop-box in the PTA box in the office

  • You can request a form

  • Sign up online @ Totem

PTA Programs

Kettering PTA strives to offer our Kids a wide variety of educational and fun ways to enhance their elementary experience and contribute to their growth as KIDS - Kind Intelligent Dedicated Scholars.  Not all school activities are included as part of the base curriculum.  Things like field trips, music programs, computer lab, art and music enrichment, library books and office supplies are funded in large part or entirely by your PTA.  Free and Family Events further add to the experience our Kids gain. 

Your goal as a PTA member is to contribute time, expertise and people power to help us help the Kids.

Your Membership

As a member, you are encouraged to offer your input on our programs.  This can be done at scheduled meetings or one on one with other PTA members.  You are also entitled to explore committee and board positions to help steer Kettering PTA toward our goals.

You also receive discounted services from a variety of national PTA partners listed here.

Kettering PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ALL contributions are tax deductible.