The tax-deductible Kettering PTA Sponsorship Banner provides businesses with high visibility advertising to Kettering families and the greater Long Beach community.   Banners will be hung in the new year until September 2022. 

Banner Sponsorship

  • Payment constitutes an agreement to install and maintain the banner until September 2022.  

    The Fine Print

    No advertising banner will be accepted that:

    • Conflicts with any LBUSD policies, standards, or goals
    • Negatively represents or portrays public education;
    • Is incompatible with a student’s well-being or that could have a negative effect on the learning experience
    • Endorses or disavows any candidate for government office
    • Endorses or disavows any issue in a government election
    • Addresses labor issues
    • Is libelous, vulgar, obscene, racially offensive or factually incorrect
    • Promotes the sale, usage, or consumption of marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol
    • Promotes gambling or gambling venues
    • Contains sexual content or has sexual overtones
    • Promotes birth control products or related information
    • Pertains to any product illegal for minors;
    • Promotes any specific religious belief or religious institution.

    All advertisement banners hung or placed on school property shall become the property of the site and may be removed by the site at any time. Reasons for removal include, but are not limited to:

    • Disrepair
    • Dissolution of the company or business
    • Change in District guidelines relative to advertising on school property; and/or
    • Non-payment of fee.