Reflections 2019-2020

Reflections is a National PTA program that recognizes outstanding student achievement in visual arts, literature, musical composition, photography, film production and dance choreography. This is an opportunity for students to unleash their creative talent and bring out the artist in them.

The PTA Reflections program gives students the path to explore their thoughts and feelings,  develop artistic literacy and find a love for learning that will help them become successful in school and in life. And this year marks the successful 50th year of the Reflections program!!

Congratulations to all participants!  


Primary winners: 1st Paige Zernich, 2nd Grace Maier, 3rd Kieran Furuya, HM Sofia  D'Ambrosia

Intermediate:  1st Brooklyn Garcia, 2nd Eden Gonzalez, 3rd Derek Gustafson, HM Dexter Rust

Photography: 1st Rosa Mallach, 2nd & 3rd Isabella Dellaquila


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