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Your Kettering PTA

Kettering PTA is dedicated to the education, health, safety and well being of our Kids.


Kettering PTA works in cooperation with school staff to provide organizational support, fundraising, program, activity and event staffing with the aim of being a vital link in bringing the home, school and community together to enrich the educational and social experience for all Kettering Kids.



With a small tax-deductible donation, PTA membership is open to anyone - not just parents.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles and on and on.  Our membership drive occurs at the start of the school but signups are taken any time.  Your membership gives you a voice in what programs are used and how they are run.  You also become eligible to take on board or committee positions which allow hands on input for individual programs and activities.


Kettering PTA has made a point of moving toward holding one major fundraising event (Fit Fest) and a handful of moderate fundraisers, such as the Silent Auction during the annual Carnival.  The great remainder of our events are either free or Family Events where fundraising can be a component but not the focus of the event.  Family Events are primarily about bringing together the Kettering community


General PTA monthly meetings are held in the Parent Center in bungalow Room 25 at the north end of campus or in the Library.  Starting September, we will hold it in the Library until further notice.  Typically, meetings are held right after morning drop off.  To accommodate those who cannot make morning meetings, we hold at least one evening meeting in the fall and spring.  Meeting dates and times are available on the PTA calendar.

Officers & Committees​


All PTA members are eligible to hold Board Officer or Committee Chair positions.  Board positions are filled by election in spring for the upcoming school year, email if you are interested.  Committee positions are generally filled at the start of the school year or as the event approaches.

2023 - 2023
Board Nominations 

Download the nomination committee report 
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