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Fit Fest Information

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Download the Fit Fest info packet here
Check out Fit Fest 2023


This is how the PTA funds the programs you see in your KIDS classrooms. We need donations from Friends, Family, and Co-Workers. All monetary donations help us achieve our goal.


Corporate sponsorships are a group effort from our Kettering Families. We are asking you to solicit monetary sponsorships from businesses or corporations you have contacts with. 


This year we hope each
classroom can raise $4500 in total (not teacher-led). Prizes are based on
classroom achievement, with additional individual achievement prizes

Every Kettering KID will receive a Fit Fest Shirt.


All money raised goes directly to the school to provide the programming this distrct does not. The money raised funds Ground Education, Art at Your Fingertips, yearly field trips for all grade levels, family nights, STEM and ELA programs, classroom enrichment, and much more…


Our goal is to raise $65,000.00 this year. We exceeded our goal last year, can we beat this year's goal?!


Fit Fest is 100% Volunteer Led. We need volunteers to help solicit donations by calling and/or writing letters. We also need help getting the word out to all Kettering Families. During the Fit Fest event we need well over 40 volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly! 

Volunteer here:

How to Register 

We use Pledgestar to help get the word out. Registering today helps us reach as many people as possible. 

Register today! 

Fit Fest Event

Kettering hosts the most unique fundraising event in Long Beach. This is not just a fun run! We provide over 20 stations with a variety of sports, dance, and other activities for your students to try out. The purpose is to inspire an active lifestyle and expose our kids to all forms of activities to keep them healthy! 

What to Expect

Fundraising for Fit Fest begins on January 16th, 2024, and ends on March 28th, 2024.

Families will need to register on Pledgestar as soon as possible and start sending emails and/or texts, via Pledgestar, to potential donors. We ask that you also reach out to businesses you may have contacts with to ask for donations, everything counts! The PTA and fundraising committee will solicit businesses for donations during this time as well. 

Weekly prizes will be handed out to the KIDS who have the most emails and/or texts sent through Pledgstar. 

We will have updated classroom goal attainment numbers posted in Pledgestar so each classroom can see where they stand in winning prizes. 

On March 28th, 2024 we will host our Fit Fest Event (weather dependent). This is the most unique fundraising event held in Long Beach. Your students will get to visit multiple stations where they will learn a sport, dance, or activity taught by professionals. We have a DJ on sight as well as an action sports show to entertain the students and provide a lesson in staying active for body and brain health. We need over 40 volunteers to make this event a success. 

For full fundraising details please see the Fit Fest packet linked at the top of this page. 

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