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You can stay on top of events at school using the below resources

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  • Join the PTA and attend monthly meetings 

  • The PTA board communicates directly via the Band App
    (download in your app store) 


  • Read the Principal's Kettering Express NewsLetter - must be signed up to receive text and emails via ParentVUE 

  • Ask your Room Parent for updates 

  • Follow @ketteringpta on Instagram and Facebook 

  • Read the PTA newsletter 


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Class Band 

Kettering's PTA has created a Band to connect all Families in the same grade. 

These Bands are for you to follow your student through their entire Kettering career. It is a fun way to share pictures and see your community learn and grow! 

These sites are managed by the current room parents. You will see grade-specific and classroom communications. 

CO 2024.JPG


5th Grade Class 

CO 2027.JPG

2023 - 2024

2nd Grade Class

CO 2030.JPG

2023 - 2024

TK Class

CO 2025.JPG

2023 - 2024

4th Grade Class 

CO 2028.JPG

2023 - 2024

1st Grade Class

CO 2026.JPG

2023 - 2024

3rd Grade Class 

CO 2029.JPG

2023 - 2024

Kinder Class

Additional Resources

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