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Betting on Booking: Yellow & Red Cards Can Also Be Exchanged for Cash

Betting on booking cards is one of the most popular forms of sports betting globally due to its attractive rules and potential rewards.

In fact, the number of bettors investing in this rule is increasing day by day, creating a significant demand for learning and education from newcomers.

Let's pocket with soccer tips pro right away some useful knowledge and effective strategies to beat online bookmakers!

What is Betting on Booking Cards?

Betting on booking cards is a type of football betting that requires players to predict the number of yellow and red cards that referees will use during the 90 minutes of play.

Most bettors favor this form due to its simplicity and the attractive odds it offers.

Especially in major matches, where players from both sides exert their utmost efforts during the game.

Depending on each match, bookmakers will provide players with different odds ratios, so you need to analyze and predict accurately.

Differentiating Booking Card Bets in Football

Currently, there are not only multiple ways to bet on booking cards in football but also countless options for players to choose from in sports betting in general. Below, I have compiled the 8 most common types of yellow/red card bets that you need to remember and differentiate:

Asian Booking Card Handicap Betting Guide

Asian Handicap booking card betting requires players to predict which team will receive more cards during the match (either in the first half or the whole match). However, the favored team must handicap the underdog by a certain number of cards, depending on the bookmaker's evaluation, known as the handicap ratio. Yellow cards are counted as 1 point, and red cards as 2 points.


A player receives 1 yellow card, so the team has 1 point.

A player receives 2 yellow cards, so the team has 2 points + 2 points, because 2 yellow cards = 1 red card.

A player receives 1 red card, so the team has 2 points.

Total Booking Card Over/Under Bets

Over/Under booking cards require players to predict whether the total number of cards during the match (either in one half or the whole match) will be higher or lower than the number provided by the bookmaker. Depending on the analysis, you will choose to bet:

Over: If you think the actual total number of cards will be higher.

Under: If you predict the actual total number of cards will be lower.

European Booking Card Betting Experience

Similar to 1X2 betting on goal scores, players predict which team will receive more yellow/red cards during the match (either in the first half or the whole match). The corresponding betting options include:

1 – The home team has more booking cards.

X – Both teams have the same number of cards.

2 – The away team has more cards.

Even/Odd Booking Card Bets

In this form, you bet on whether the total number of cards awarded by referees in the match is even or odd.

Only those who guess correctly will receive a reward according to the bookmaker's rules.

First/Last Booking Card Bets

Similarly, the first/last booking card bet predicts which team/player will receive the first booking card – which team/player and the last booking card belong to which team/player.

Red Card, Yellow Card Nth Bet

Different from the above cases, in the Nth card bet, players must accurately predict which team will be penalized next.

Most Booking Cards Bet

This is a long-term bet for the entire tournament where players must predict which club will have the most booking cards through a similar point calculation as Handicap.

Yellow card = 1 point.

Red card = 2 points.

Total Cards in 15 Minutes Bet

Finally, this form analyzes the total number of yellow/red cards, but instead of playing in one or two halves, you only need to predict the first 15 minutes of the match.

Explaining Booking Card Bets: Basic Money Calculation

Most bookmakers have supported players to calculate wins – losses automatically, but you still need soccer handicap tips knowledge in this area to ensure no fraud or deception.

How to calculate yellow card, red card money as follows:

Winning money = Betting money x Corresponding Odds Ratio.

Loss money = The money you bet.

Winning Easy Booking Card Betting Experience from Experts

In addition to theories about concepts, how to read odds or calculate bonuses, players should not forget to pocket some experience, techniques to analyze matches effectively every day.

Choose Suitable Betting

You should not pay too much attention to how much money you will receive when winning between different bets, but you must choose easy-to-catch bets, easy to win.

Use all the information you have to analyze, predict effectively to improve your level every day.

Not to Crave High Odds Because It's Easy to Lose

The higher the bet odds, the lower the chances of winning and vice versa. Therefore, bettors should not be tempted by the "sweet traps" that bookmakers set up.

Critical, exciting matches often make players exert all their efforts during premium soccer tips the game, so the number of yellow/red cards used is also higher than usual.

Choose a Big Tournament

A piece of advice for new bettors is to choose major, reputable and well-known tournaments to have a wealth of accurate analysis sources.

Notes on Booking Card Betting for Newbies

Other notes about booking card betting you need to know include:

Penalty time is 90 minutes of official play plus a few minutes of extra time at the end of both halves.

Yellow and red cards are only counted for players playing on the field.

Each player receives only 3 cards at most.

All penalties must be used by the referee.


Thus, betting on booking cards, understanding rewards, differentiating and related tricks, Ontop88 has provided you with complete information in this article.

To receive rewards from bookmakers, you absolutely should not be subjective but need to focus on analyzing, evaluating matches professionally.


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